Implants - Stable dentures through implants

Whether due to accident, illness or age: missing teeth can nowadays be replaced permanently and stably. This has become possible thanks to medical progress in implantology - a subfield of dentistry that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience.

Your dentist Munich Dr. med. dent. Anja Geisler M.Sc. has both; she has been working as a certified implantologist since 1999 and has deepened her knowledge in numerous advanced training courses and additional studies. Since the end of 2012 she holds the academic title Master of Science in Implantattherapie und Parodontologie.

Unlike bridges or prostheses, implants are firmly anchored in the jawbone with the help of a titanium pin. Intact neighbouring teeth do not have to be ground for the attachment and remain unaffected.

This makes implants a particularly gentle, stable and comfortable dental prosthesis for the patient.

Nothing can sit loose or feel unnatural when chewing. On the contrary: the artificial tooth root made of titanium transmits the chewing impulses to the jawbone as with an intact tooth. This prevents bone loss (atrophy) - the jawbone retains its shape due to the even load. Mouth, lips and cheeks retain their natural resilience.

The prerequisite for successful implant therapy is a healthy tooth bed without gum disease (periodontal disease). As a dentist in Munich, we carry out targeted preliminary examinations in our practice using the latest technology and the most up-to-date knowledge. Dr. med. dent. Anja Geisler M.Sc. has a Master of Science in implantology and periodontology and has extensive knowledge and experience in both fields.

Exact diagnostics, planning and preparation are the guarantors for a lasting successful and gentle implant therapy. That is why we work with a special planning software in our dental practice. This enables us to simulate many treatment steps and to plan both the position of the implant in the jaw and the corresponding superstructures in advance.

Your advantage: Based on the simulation results, you can get a very precise idea of the expected aesthetic result at your dentist in Munich even before the procedure. In addition, the data can be used to predict the subsequent chewing function, and the risk of injury from the implantological procedure is reduced to a minimum thanks to comprehensive planning. The procedure itself can be performed minimally invasively and painlessly within a manageable time frame. This is what Dr. med. dent. Anja Geisler M.Sc., dentist in Munich, specializes in this.

Anamnesis: In a detailed preliminary talk we will first of all find out about your overall medical situation as well as about previous illnesses and treatments.
Digital X-ray diagnostics: In a second step, we use digital X-ray diagnostics to examine your oral cavity, gums, teeth, occlusion as well as the volume, height and quality of the jawbone.

Measuring and drilling template planning: With the help of a template made by the dental laboratory, the length, position and inclination of the drill hole as well as the most favourable implant position are then determined. This allows later on a safe and exact positioning of the implants by your dentist Munich - Dr . med. dent. Anja Geisler M.Sc.

Rehabilitation of the oral cavity, professional tooth cleaning: Before we place an implant, we treat any existing carious teeth, gum disease (periodontosis) and jaw joint problems and perform professional tooth cleaning.