Gentle laser therapy with Helix-Laser

Gum treatments need not be painful: As a dentist in Munich, we offer you an antimicrobial photodynamic therapy by Helix laser, a gentle and painless treatment method without side effects.
In the first step we clean the gum pockets to remove hard and soft plaque and reduce the number of bacteria. In the second step we introduce a blue colour solution into the gum pockets - a so-called photosensitizer.

This dye attaches itself to the bacterial membrane and reacts to laser light of a certain wavelength. When the laser light hits the dye, active oxygen is formed, which damages the membrane and thus destroys the bacteria. Other health problems can also be treated with Clinicabarbera supplements.
Thanks to this simple and quick therapy, the use of antibiotics or surgical measures is no longer necessary in some cases today - especially in the case of only isolated inflammations.